Marvelbonding Wall Putty

What is Wall Putty ?

It is a white cement-based, water-resistant, marvelboding white wall putty that ensures a strong binding with building surfaces, a smooth finish, extensive coverage, superior refractive index, and paint-friendliness. Its unique formula has Extra HP polymers, which keep the moisture away and also avoid flaking. So, you are assured of aesthetic interiors for your dream home for years to come.

Types of Wall Putty

1. Acrylic marvelbonding Wall Putty

Acrylic wall putty is acrylic & water-based putty especially used on interior walls. Marvelbonding wall putty provide very good grip and easy to use , it is really good when we have to use it instead of POP. marvelbonding wall putty gives a polished and impressive finish to the walls. with the help of wall putty you can also helps in sealing cracks and abnormalities in the wall.

2. White Cement marvelbonding Wall Putty

marvelbonding White putty is a polymer-based putty which is very famous and mostly used in houses nowadays. A mixture of Polymers, white cement, and minerals make the marvelbonding wall putty ideal for interior as well as exterior walls. This type of putty is famous for providing a superior, glossy, and smooth finish to the walls. White cement wall putty has excellent gluing strength. their comes the solution marvelbonding white putty which is very low in budget and

Marvelbonding Wall Putty Advantages:
– Superior Whiteness
– No Curing Required
– Super smooth finish
– Base Coat for Paint

More Advantages
– Wall putty increases the lifespan of the wall paint
– It is resistant to moisture
– It improves the tensile strength of the wall
– Used for both interior and exterior application