Description :
MARVEL Poxy Grout is three components Epoxy basediointfiller- lt is easilyapplicable in the joints of riitrified tiles, glass mosaictiles
and other tiles. Also, it is suitable forthe joints of granile, nafural stone, composite marble and quarE stone. The excellent feature
of MARVEL Poxy Grout is that, it can easily be deaned from anysurfacewith waterand scrubber/scotch brite within stipulated time.

Advantages :
- Easy to install and clean
- Cleanable with water
- Colour fast
- Stain and bacterial resistant

- Non cracking and powdering
- Hard and durable joints
- Hygienic and chemical resistant
- Waterproof and durable finish

- Stain free
- Temperature resistant
- High Strength and versatile

Area Of Application :
- MARVEL Poxy Grout is ideally suited for residential and commercial installations where the materials must resist physical
abuse , stains, spillage and chemical attack.
- MARVELPoxy Grout is applied in grooves of tiles used in kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, fountains, hospitals,
operation theatres, sterilization rooms, restaurants, cafeterias, light industrial applications and high traffic areas.

Method of Application :
(Please refer leaflet inserted inside packing box / bucket)
a) Ratio of Epoxy Kit:
For 1 kg. : Resin (90grm), Hardener(180grm) & Filler(730grm)

b) Tools for Application :
- Paint Brush to clean Joints
- Scrubber / Scotch Brite

- Shallow Pan - Rubber Trowels of 4',x6,' size - Steel Trowel
- Soap Solution - Bucket full with water

Coverage :
Theoretical coverage for calculation
(Tile Length+Tile Breadth)x(Tile Thickness x Joint width x Specific Gravity-)
(Tile Length+Joint Width) x (Tile Breadth+Jo nt Width)

- "Specific Gravity=1 70

- All the dimensions are in mm

Note : lt may vary with tile size, groove width and groove depth.

Colours :
Available in selected range of colours
(Light, Dark & Fluorescent- Please refer shade card)

Packing : 1Kg. & 5Kg.