Description :
MARVEL Grout are made of blended Portland cement, graded aggregates, fortifiers and colour-fast pigments. They are mixed with water to provide a tile joint that is strong, hard, durable & colourfast'
- Designed for joint width 1mm to 5mm, for Porous & Absorbent type tiles, non-vitreous clay tiles, marble & glazed wall tiles.
- lt is available in 1 kg, 20 kg Pack.

Residential, commercial & external facades

- Colour - fast / EasY maintenance
- Non-shrinking - Non-cracktng
- Easy application and clean up
- Weather resistant

Method of Application :
- Tile Joint must be clean. free from any dust or other contaminates.
- Fill the Joints for minimum 24 hours from tile fixed with HM-02/03/w-04  Check Adhesive here. Adhesive
- Clean the loints with dry cotton cloth after 24 hours
- First of all prepare a paste of MARVEL Grout & Water (3:1 ratio)'
- Wait for ten minutes for proper chemical action.
- Then mix it further and fill the joint properly.
- Finally, Clean extra grout from tile surface with wet cotton cloth after 1.o hour.

Coverage : Varies with tile size and grout width

Color : Available in a range of more than 32 colors

1 KG.


Application Procedure

How to apply adhesive on tiles
Take Water
how to apply adhesive on tiles
Take Marvel Grout
how to apply adhesive on tiles
Mix Both
Apply on Joints
Apply on Joints
How to apply adhesive on tiles
Wait 24 hour and clean