Marvel Block Joint Mortar

Cementitious polymer Modified Block Jointing Mortar

MARVEL Block Joint Mortar is a superior water resistant cement based mortar specially formutated for joining blocks' it contains selected graded dry sand grey cernent and emported po, 'rrprove rvork ability. water retention durability and adhesion. it is more resistant to corrosive environment.
As MARVEL Block Joint Mortar contains fine graded sand it helps in laying an even strong and thin tayer of joint. This is not only Cost-effective but also builds even walls as this improves the leveling of walls and the plaster thrckness can be reduced. This further reduced thickness of putty application thus all-round reduction of cost can be achieved.


-Excellent bonding to the block/bricks
-Better Leveling
-Prevent water Percolation


-Good Work ability
-Ease of use at site
-Consistent work quality
-No curing is required
-Plastering can be done after 24 hrs.
Of Application


-Save time
-Cost effective
-Can be applied by ordinary
mason - no special skills required.

Application Area
Laying &jointing of masonryunits likeAAC Bbcks, HollowBtocks, andflyash Bricks and Concrete Blocketc
Joining of concrete window and doorftames, etc...

How To Apply?
Take the required quantity of water in a clean bucket, add i,IARVEL Block Joint Mortar as recommended.
Stir continuously for $1o minutes by using an el€ctrb nfxer or by hand to obtain a homogeneous lump free plaster.
Allow the resuJtant wet mortar to stand br about 5 minutes br the additives to dissolve.
Re-mix again for about 2 minutes. The mixfure b now ready.
Use the mix within 60 Minutes.
For best result it is advisable to use notch trowel of 3 to 4 mm to have better contact and bonding.

Surface Preparation
Masonry surfaces should be clean, without dust, voids and wet prior to
application of MARVEL Block Joint Mortar

MARVEL Block Joint Mortar eco-friendty fiilers and additives. However being sand and cement based it is alkaline and hence it is advisable to avoid direct eye and skin contractwith this. in case of eye contract, wash with clean water at least for 15 minutes and seek medical help. Always add powder to water but not water to provide during mixing_

40 Kg.

Water Demand
Depending upon the substrate & climate add approx.g to 10 liters of waterfor40 kg bag For concrete blocks, wet mortar should have less water to form 2 to 3 mm bed of MARVEL Block Joint Mortar.


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