Feature & Benefits :
- Compatibility - Being a liquid, easily dispersible & compatible with concrete & mortar m xes
- Durability - lncreases durability by improving integral waterproofing of concrete
- Cohesiveness - Makes the concrete / mortar more cohesive.
- Permeability - lt reduces permeability of water into concrete.
- Breathing - lt retains the breathing efficiency of concrete
- Strength - Does not affect the setting time and strength of concrete
-Shrinkage - Reduces shrinkage crack develoDmen: n ; as:er &::' :'e"e
-Economics : lt is an economica add tive as :oria'ec to other ''l'aterprooirng materrals.

Precaution & Benefits :
-Do not add MARVEL LW d'rectly to dry cement & aggregate mix.
-Maintain water-cement ratro as low as possible.
-The dosage of MARVEL LW should be maintained as per recommendations.

Dosage : '1 50ml per 50 kg bag of cement

Coverage : As per site condition Packaging : 1 kg., 5 kg., 20 kg. & 50 kg.

Shelf Life & storage : 18 months from the date of manufacturing in unopened

Store in a cool& dry place.

Safety Precautions :
- Use rubber hand gloves & safety goggles, while using MARVEL LIQUID WATERPROOF
- ln case of contact with skin, wash with water.
- Keep out of reach of children.

Note : lntegral waterproofing compounds for mortar and concrete shall be used in such proportions as recommended by
manufacturer but not exceeding 3% by weight of cement.

1 kg.

5 Kg.


MARVEL - SBR PLUS is based on Styrene Butadiene Plus . lt is a ready to use bondrng agent in liquid consistency. SBR is used for repair of floors, columns, chhajjas, slabs, beams, and water proofing of lerraces. toilets, bathrooms etc., as it bonds strongly to old and new concrete and plasters. lt prevents cracking, pick up c-si irrrDroves abrasion resistance and reduces shrinkage.

Area of Application:
- For Waterproofing of roof, terraces, floors, columns, chhajas, slabs, beams toilets bathrooms, lift pits, balconies, staircases,
liquid & effluenttanks, decks & walkways.
- Forconcrete repairs of floors, columns, beams, chhajas, parapets, slabs etc'
- For bonding mortar for tiles and panels, as top rendering coat for chemical resistant floors.
- For bonding of old concrete to new concrete, plastering, masonry stone work etc.
- For cladding, fixing of slip bricks, stones, tiles and marble bedding. i
- As bonding slurry coat for pinhole treatment on concrete surface, weatherproof & frost resistant render, high wear & erosion
resistant render and as repair mortarfor overhead application'