Which Ceramic tiles Adhesive to use for bathroom and flooring


Each Tile serves a different purpose, and for that, we need a different kind of Adhesive to make it your home perfect.

Tiles Adhesive is a chemical with high bond strength. Ideal for bathroom tiles, floor tiles. Tiles adhesive or ceramic Adhesive is easy to use. You have to mix it with water, and it is ready. We can’t use the same sand-cement combination for tiles in this generation. We need easy to install and fast drying time adhesive, which also long last, looks fabulous and has a strong bond over tiles.

Across many countries, construction worker using cement sand as the tiles adhesive for quite a long time. Now we have a better chemical that provides a perfect bond with tiles at a reasonable price, so why not pick up cheap and strong Adhesive over costly cement and sand.

Let’s find out about the ceramic tiles and find the perfect combination for our needs.

Ceramic tiles are fired at temperatures around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically porcelain tiles can heat Porcelain and ceramic tiles to 84°F (29°C), an optimal comfort temperature for any room in your home. It’s the same for bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles, so we have to be more careful about the Adhesive we choose and find the best Adhesive for our work. read more about ceramic here . Click here 

There are many types of Tiles.

Ceramic Tile – generally for living room and bedrooms

Porcelain Tile – generally for living areas and bedrooms

Glass Tile – now commonly used for pools, kitchens, spas, and bathrooms.

Marble Tile – used for architecture as flooring and wall cladding.

Granite Tile – memorials, staircases, skirting, making modernly designed monuments

Other Natural Stone Tile – For art and raw material

Here we have made it very simple for you to choose the perfect tiles and perfect Adhesive for your home. Use appropriate tiles and Adhesive for your home.

let’s move to our main topic

Which Adhesive to use for bathroom floor tiles. ?

First, choose suitable tiles for the bathroom. We recommend ceramic tiles for the best durability and quality. To buy the best ceramic tiles adhesive for the bathroom tiles, choose Adhesive with suitable water resistance property and primarily used for underwater application and can sustain higher pressure. Also, your Adhesive should be thoroughly mixed with water so that you don’t see Adhesive particle. Use stainless steel rode or mixture to mix the Adhesive. Bathroom tiles price start from 100rs, so keep in mind.

You have to keep these things in mind when you are going to buy tiles and adhesive.


marvelbonding.com bathroom tiles adhesive

The bathroom and shower floor always have to fight with water, so we need to find a high-quality water resistance solution. You can use marvelbonding HM-03 Adhesive for the bathroom floor. This adhesive Excellent for facades & underwater applications, for all ceramic tile and natural stones, vitrified tile.

HM-03 is polymer fortified mortar for interior and exterior installation of ceramic/vitrified Tile. Just mix the mortar with water, set Adhesive on the floor, and fit tiles to get perfect bathroom tiles.HM-03 is a very cheap Adhesive for bathroom and other underwater applications. You can also use this Adhesive on large format tiles.

How to install bathroom floor tiles.

It’s effortless to install tiles in your bathroom. But don’t try to do it on your own. You need some experience.

  1. Mix Adhesive with water
  2.  apply Adhesive on a clean surface.
  3.  Your surface should be linear, not bouncy.
  4.  after applying adhesive fit tiles
  5.  leave a 0.5 cm gap between tiles for grout.
  6.  leave it for 24 hours
  7.  your bathroom is ready

So you have learned how to apply tiles the same process goes for bathroom wall tiles. Now you know how to apply bathroom wall tiles is an effortless task.

Best Adhesive for bathroom wall tiles ?.

Bathroom wall tiles are not facing much water, so that we can use marvelbonding HM-03 Adhesive for bathroom wall tiles. HM-03 is adhesive is only for bathroom use and provides a solid bond for tiles. HM-03 is a very cheap glue for tiles. HM-03 is best suitable for bathroom tiles adhesive.

Bathroom walls almost stay dry and not have higher interaction with water so choose porcelain or glass tiles for your shower walls.

HM-03 Adhesive – Advantages :

Single component, add water and mix

Long open time with unsurpassed adhesion

Superior adhesion for Porcelain and Vitrified Tile

Bonds to various substrates

High Shear Bond Strength

Water resistant adhesive


Packaging: 20 kg

Now you know what kind of ceramic Adhesive to buy for bathroom tiles. We are now sure that you can easily apply the tiles on the bathroom floor and walls.

Best Adhesive for Swimming pool tiles. ?

First, choose the tiles, and the winner is glass tiles. Glass tile gives your pool a dashing look. We recommend glass tiles for the swimming pool, and Glass tile can sustain higher pressure, so it’s not going to break. You can add tile pieces for your swimming pool.

Now time for Adhesive, which provides suitable water resistance property and primarily used for underwater application, must sustain higher pressure. You should use our best Adhesive HM-04 for underwater application.

For the Swimming pool, you can use HM-04 Adhesive, which is the best Adhesive for swimming pools and heavy underwater applications.

best adhesive for bathroom tiles HM-04

HM – 04 is smooth & creamy, shaded Flexi Adhesive for installing many types of glass tile, mosaic, natural stone, composite marble & quartz stone on vertical, horizontal surfaces. It’s a highly polymer-based adhesive. Primarily used in the area with higher sticks or thermal stress like a fabricated concrete, terrace, Swimming pulls facades.

how to clean swimming pool tiles :

you can add any cleaner or add chlorine in water no effect on adhesive.

how to grout swimming pool tiles:

just apply the grout in gaps and once grout is dried your swimming pool is ready to use.


how to clean swimming pool tiles

Advantages :

single component – add water

20 kg package easy to handle

cheap rate

water absorption substrates up to 15 mm thickness

powerful bond even underwater.

Packaging: 20 kg

Once adhesive is dried, you can apply marvelbonding grout to fill the gap between tiles. You can choose grout of your choice. At marvelboding, we have more than 1000 different coloured grout available. First, you have to apply Adhesive for bathroom tiles and then for tiles over adhesive. After the Adhesive is dried, you have to clean, and it’s easy to clean once you apply the grout on bathroom tiles. Check out our latest information about grout on how to apply. Click here to visit grout.

Marvelbonding provides all kinds of solutions for your home, so you don’t have to go anywhere else. We are the adhesive wholesaler in Gujarat and proudly a member of the make in India movement so leading adhesive manufacturer in Gujarat. marvelbonding is a private limited company currently situated in himatnagar.

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Why use Marvelbonding Adhesive:

1) Easy to use – Mix with water and apply

2) 20 KG – easy to handle

3) fast drying

4) Strong bond with shower floor tile and wall tiles.

5) low price

6) suitable solution